Love, Sex and College
2001-12-19 00:38:04 (UTC)

My fucked up story (explict)

So, we got back in the car from the Stop and Shop and
started back to school. He told me it would take like a
half and hour to get there. I had taken off my shirt, so I
just had my tank top on. He started rubbing the back on my
neck and my shoulders. (He gives the best back rubs) Then
he asked if it felt good. I told him yes. He asked if I
wanted anything else. I told him yes. I said "I want you to
kiss me..." he then said, just kiss you? I said no. I then
told him I wanted him to go down on me and then to fuck me.
He just kept rubbing my back. I then told him, I wanted to
go down on him. He said, what about right now? He
unbuttoned his leather pants and then pulled them down a
bit and I said to him, keep on the right side of the road.
There was a car behind us, I tried to get Andrew to pull
off at the side of the road to let him by, but Andrew said
everything would be ok. I then got under his arms and began
to go down on him. I could hear him breathing heavily and
tell me how good it felt. He took his right hand and rubbed
my back and talked to me... I was getting very horny. I
continued to suck his cock and tease him. We got into town
and I kept going. I got up briefly, he asked me if
everything was ok, I told him yes then I took a sip of soda
and then with my cold mouth went back down on him. He
muttered an "oh yes" and I kept going, and took another sip
of soda. The about a 1/2 mile to school I stopped and told
him we will finish this upstairs. We got in at 5:50 pm, I
checked messages and called my roomate at home, cause she
goes home for the weekends. There was no answer so I left a
message. Within the next 10 minutes, the girl next door
knew what was going on so she had put Duct tape over the
door so my roomate could not get in, and left a note for
Beth. Then within the next few moments we were making out
in the middle of my room. He had taken off his shirt, and I
could feel him hard as hell. Then I took off my shirt then
had taken off my tank top. Then he pulled his pants and I
could feel him against me. He then un buttoned my bra and
took it off and began sucking on my nipples. Then started
to pull at my jeans. I then unbuttoned them and pull them
off and he took off the rest of his pants too. Then we both
took off our socks. Then he starte sucking on my breasts
and sucked on my side, then he sliped his cock in me and we
started having sex standing up. While this was going on my
friend Tucker called... but we let the machine pick up.
Little while of doing this, he got up and started fucking
me from behind. Then after a few minutes he dropped to his
knees and began eating me out, and started jerking off
while he was doing so. Then I moved him away from me and
hand him sit on the ground and got on top of him and
started fucking him, he moved my legs and then we fucked
for a little bit. He told me to get up and sit on the side
of my bed and began fucking me with my legs in the air,
then he started going down on me, then my pussy started
making some noise and I asked him what that was he said it
sometimes happened, and told me to fully hop on top of the
bed and started to fuck me hard. It felt so good. I told
him to eat me out afterwards. It was the first time that we
had had sex with out a condom (I have been on the pill for
2 months now...) and then he asked me if I wanted him to
cum, I said yes. He said where.... I then told him my
mouth, my pussy, whereever you want. He shortly came in my
pussy. Then he pulled out and began eating me out for like
15 minutes. But I did not have an orgasm. I was too
stressed. So then we just relaxed, I called Tucker back.
Then my father beeped in, Andrew started getting dressed
and started getting my clothes together, I went back to
talking to Tucker and got dressed excpet my tank top. I
then called Holly and was talking to her, and there was a
knock on the door. Forgetting there was duct tape on the
door, I opened it up and there was my roomate and her
mother. Her mother who knows me pretty well, did not talk
to me. Beth was pissed, but by that point we were in a
rush. Beth's mom left and then Andrew said, well, I am
going to go and bring the car around. So Beth and I talked
a little bit. She was pissed and said she would go spend
the night at Ida's cause Andrew was supposed to spend the
night. So Andrew and I talked in the car and we laughed
about it. I really didn't worry. We got to the concert and
he remembered he had to take his mother to the doctors in
the morning but we made plans to see each other the next
night. The concert was great. I had such a good time. It
has been a long time that I have really felt like his
girlfriend. It was great. Then we went driving and went to
a Dunkin Doughnuts, we spent our last 5 dollars. It was
good. We had a good time then I dropped him off and went
home. The next day he never called like he was supposed to.
But Beth and I talked and we are ok now.

Today I chilled and did work, I have one take home final
due tomorrow and one other final that is at 12:30. I think
I will do ok. Andrew called at like 7pm for me from a
payphone and talked to Beth and said that he would call
again.... but he has not called yet, but he should soon. He
leaves for LA tomorrow and he will not be back until the
28th.... he is going to miss Christmas. :( Well.... that is
the BIG story.... :) Yes, this is my fucked up life.