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my crazy thoughts~!
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2001-12-19 00:31:29 (UTC)

i'm home.....

well, im home from the hospital its 630 and boy do I feel
like hell.. my throat hurts, i cant swallow my own spit and
well, frankly im scared to call into work ... im letting my
soup warm up while I write in here.... im dizzy, cold and
my neck hurts..... geesh... im gonna go eat my soup I will
write more in here tonite to let you know how I did. O
brady visited me and he brought me the cutest tiger ever
and tonite when I was coming home he brought me crayons and
color books so I had something to do... very
thoughtful..thanks brady!!!!'

love espy

Things to be happy about
-home from the hospital
-brady gave me some color books and crayons...

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