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2001-12-19 00:26:52 (UTC)

Exam Hell

Well I had my first exam today...and let me tell you. It
sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I did so well. But the
fact that the class is now offically over makes me feel
better! I feel like doing a happy dance because of that
fact. Phew. Only 2 more to go...and then I can go home and
relax. The first thing I am doing when I go home is to take
a LONG HOT bath. I miss those!!!! I am a serious bath
person..I don't understand those people that hate them. When
I was in Paris this summer I was so exaushted and tired of
walking...and I got in the bathtub and fell asleep for about
an hour. When I got out of that tub i felt so much better.
That's what they do to me...Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I really hate the feeling of helplessness. One of my friends
is going through a really hard time right now and there is
nothing I can do about it. All I can do is tell her to be
strong and listen to her..and that may be enough...But I
want to do more. I want to give her a hug...I WANT to take
her pain away. She doesn't deserve one does. But
no...All I can do is sit here and type through a stupid
little computer.

So this guy that I like told me yesterday that he had a sex
dream about me. Eek. What is that supposed to mean??? He
told me before that he doesn't want a relationship...and he
also told me he could never take advantage of what
is this dream supposed to mean. I mean YES i know what it
means...But its has to mean something that he TOLD me right?
He very well could have just kept it to himself that he had
this dream..but NO..he came right out and told me. I don't
know what to think with him!! I want to get my hopes up..but
I don't want to get hurt in the stupid little games guys
play. Ugh!

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