Zone of Misfortune
2001-12-19 00:24:29 (UTC)


WEll, somehow, somehow
He's pulled away

Allowing some writing time. But for what? I've got
nothing. Day's events were school, which kinda sucked,
then "hangin'" with the schiller and dave/brandt...

Not much---althouh, test tomorow. English, thorough,
emerson, i spelled the first guy's name wrong.


i need guitar lessons to help me start to compose some
music, i need to start makeing it...

Wow, this is really getting bad. This journal. I hardly
update one reads it cause it's no longer public.
The site may shut down at any point, rendering hours upon
minutes a mere waste.

Tis a pointless carnage of words. no need to add

blah, yadda, simpsons