even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-19 00:14:15 (UTC)


ok, so guys that have exhibited interest in me...
obviously... like, told me... lee and paul... and that
keith guy... so.. ther you have it... lee and paul are
both great guys.... but not guys id be interesting in
dating... also, aum.. in a more direct way, i think.. wordo
n the street is that if he hadn;t have gone for candice he
woudl have gone for me, and i kwno he thinks im cool...
which is nice, aum is a great guy too, hot, but id say no
offf hand.. maybe cause im uptight, or maybe... maybe cause
id ont; know him well enough to be like, oh aum.... but hes
awesome... lee i knwo well enough to know that i dont want
to go out with him, and paul i also knwo well enough to
knwo that i don;t hink it woudl work for me... and i knwo
aum well enough to say i proabably wouldnt work either
way.... trying to think of other guys... i don't know.. and
kelly hthinkgs im embarrased to like a bguy and shes
right.. i am... but should i be? i dont; knwo, cause in
plano, ashley would have made fun of me, or they woudl have
laughed at me, or teh guy would have foudn out and been
like, katy.. ew... i just don;t want the embarrasment of
rejection...cause id on;t knwo how i stand, wether im hot
or not, of funny, or interesting, i dont; want to htink a
guy will like me aand then not...thats what it do i
get over that? i want to knwo i can do it, so if and when i
do, it'll be recieved well... if at all.. so.. there it