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2001-12-19 00:08:45 (UTC)


I'm bored... I just started this diary, mostly because I
want to put off studying for my exams... School sucks, blah
blah. Katie's gone to London to visit her mom, so I can't
email her. Cassie's got a wierd cyber-stalker harrassing
her just because she's an H/Hr shipper. My necklace broke
today... Just another sucky Monday. Buffy comes on tonight,
which is normally cool, but it's a re-run of "The Body" you
know the sad ep. where Buffy's mom dies. GREAT, another
thing to depress me. *sigh* Oh well, at least tommorow is
the last day of school before Christmas hols. I just can't
get in the Christmas spirit this year. Nothing new, haven't
been able to get in the Christmas spirit since I found out
that Santa was a big sham. That and the fact that
everything is presents, presents, presents instead of
celebrating Jesus's birth. I don't think I will ever be a
writer, which is what I want most of all to do with my
life. I lack dedication to actually make myself write, and
when I do I usually just scribble something down, and don't
bother to proof or really work on it. My hard classes start
after Christmas hols. I have English, which means a lot of
work, and pointless writing assignments. I have Geography,
which means a lot of research on places I'll never go, and
will never have any interest in going to. I have gym, which
will be pure agony for me, and I'm sure I'm going to give
myself a coma trying to run the mile in less than 10 min.
And then I have Algebra 1 part b, which means more of the
math fun(yeah right!) I hate math with the fiery passion of
a thousand suns. (to borrow the quote from 10 things I hate
about you) and mentioning 10T.I.H.A.Y. Heath Ledger is HOT!
(sp?)I am so bored out of my mind! Okay. So i'm done, so

Toodles my poodles...

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