Baby Story
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2001-12-18 23:57:58 (UTC)

12 wks 0 days

My GOODNESS!!! Ive been a day off all of this time!
OOOPS! YAY! I reached the 12 week mark! How exciting. I
think I am going to consider this the end of my first
trimester. YAY! I get so confused... some books tell me
that 13 wks, 0 days is the 2nd trimester, while others tell
me that 12 wks 0 days is... who knows. Baby is now 2.5
inches long, and looks like a human! How exciting! I am
falling more and more in love with the little munchkin
everyday. Its so hard to believe that there is actually a
little human inside of me, moving around, with a cute
little heartbeat, and little fingers, and toes, and.....
awwwww. Don't you just get this "feeling" when you picture
those lil digits...hehe. I did my excersize today by
walking the length of the mall about 4 times today. I was
so tired out, that when I got home, and attempted to sit
down before cleaning up the apartment, I just fell right
asleep. Good thing my dear Nelson called to wake me up
before work!!! Things are slow at work, once again, and I
can't get my mind off of the intronaut. ( I like that
word! ) LoL. Hope all is well with everyone!

Take Care!