Pure Belligerence
2001-04-07 01:59:22 (UTC)

*Parakeetless once again*

hello. Woe is so me. :.( When my mom got home today i was
upstairs and she called me down. It was in a weird voice
so i thought i was going to get yelled at or something. But then she
said there
were a lot of feathers on the floor and before that i
couldnt find my favorite parakeet pastasio nut. And when i
got down there i saw green feathers all over the floor and
i knew my cats had somehow gotten to him and brought him
down there. I knew there was no way he could be alive
because there was blood everywhere. We couldnt find what
was left of him before i left to come to my dads house and
im glad because i really dont want to see him like that.
So i left my mom to clean it up.... i was really sad. Its just so
sad i wont see my sweet little buddy again. Aww wtf, im gonna start
crying if i write much more about this. Ever
since mark died two months ago i have gotten so emotional
about death but this just is horrible. I really cannot
take this. And some people will say its just a
parakeet.... but he really was so much more. Through all
the hard stuff he would just sit on my finger and talk to
me.... no im not crazy.... i talk to my bird but so what?
This just is not my day.