even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-18 23:55:28 (UTC)

pictures and pumpkins

so today we stayed late to print some pictures, and i
haven;t really looked to see how they've turned out, but im
gonna give them to my grandparents, cause they let me use
the camera, this is kindda of my way to say, see look waht
ive done, thank you, as you've made this possible... so,
maybe i'll make it into a little book... also... lucnh
kinda sucked today... i guess i judge lunches on the boys
and how we interact... and today it was ok, just not
great.. and mike wasn;t there, he was for a sec, but then
wasn't... and jennifer came back, which is ok, but.. i
don;t know... the shallowness. i wish there was less of
that, its a surface relationship we hae, and i knwo thers
more, but... blah.. id ont; knwo.. shes a nice girl, but...
also, i took my history exam and then laid on the ground to
take a np.. and it was nice, only it was teh ground, and
cold, but i rested.. and i though about (what else) boys...
nothing conclusive, except that i liek boys, again, ntohgn
conclusive, and now, now that ive been told that its not
normal to have never had a boy friend, i think about boys
alot... and it hink wether they hate me or not, which is
more likely not... which is good, but then theres the
howmuch factor, and the thing of maybe im just scared,
which i think has alot to do with it... and then there is
the fear of a thing... whihc i think i could deal with, and
not do, cause i think if there was a thing, it would be of
my own doing.. and then theres paul, which i didn;t htink
about until just now...

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