oh yea... Im actually doin this...
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2001-12-18 22:59:45 (UTC)

whales and walruses and lovely lakes

I spent the weekend in San Diego. As previously stated,
San Diego is to me the best place in the entire world. I
love it there, it is impossible for me to be unhappy
there, despite goings-on in my family, and my mom's
constant refusal to just let go and relax. For my
birthday in November I received a gift of the "trainer for
a day package at Sea World. It's basically a program that
lets you and another person follow a trainer around the
park and see what trainers really do. It was amazing. I
got to swim with dolphins and hug whales and I played with
a one ton blind walrus that is named Flo but everyone
lovingly calls "Mama." It was a lifetime experience and I
wont ever forget it. Even feeding dead chicks to a huge
Eurasion Eagle Owl (wingspan 5 ft.) was a thrill, despite
the disturbing qualities of the meal (seeing those cute
little fuzzy yellow creatures torn and gobbled in two
bites will change my views memories around Eastertime a
bit..... On Sunday my family and I were supposed to drive
up to L.A. (yuck) for a family X-mas party at my mom's
cousin's house, but my dad was too sick. So we had the
whole day to relax and enjoy ourselves. My mom refused of
course, instead taking up most the day complaining about
how she was supposed to have had a relaxed day on
Saturday... That evening mom and I went to visit her
godmother. It was an interesting time, hearing them
discuss things I don't even know about... she's Italian
and every time we've been over there she is cooking
something. That day she was baking lots of incredibly
delicious, incredibly fattening cookies. She chastised us
for not giving her enough time to prepare us a real
dinner. On the way back my mom got a "wild hair up her
ass" (yes thats a direct quote) and decided to show me
this lake that I had never been to. I was absolutely
breathtaking because the sun was setting behind the hills
and all the trees and houses were black silhouettes agains
the radiant pink and orange sky, which was reflected and
equally clear and astonishing in the lake below. I got a
whole bunch of pictures of it and I really hope they come
out good. Speaking of pictures.... last night I found out
that I have been officially accepted into the Brookes
Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara... and Im so
very happy and scared all at the same time...