Psychotic Rambles
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2001-12-18 22:34:10 (UTC)

Just got this thingie

Ok, so um..any ya'll readin this...hey! i'm new. i'm sort
of a dork/mental. but thats ok...i think..hmmmmm...i need
to stop running myself into corners like that. anyway. I
dont feel like going to sleep. its 11:16. Sumthin weird
happened. I know this dude, mike, and we used to like hate
each other..well, he hated me. anyway, we were all cool
again but we dont really talk that often. So i was just
like "hi mike" and he gave me a hug! i was like "huh;COOl!"
haha, and ya know what? he smelled good. i'm sorry, but i
just have a thing for good smelling guys. Eddie Core..I can
SMELL him before i see him and hell, he smells
goooooooddddddd..I'm gonna own a comedy bar. And i'm going
to save the world from hereditary diseases. and i'm in a
band. i love my life (most of the time...sometimes i'm a
little overdepressive; LOVE YA PAT! Muchas gracias para..
(everything) do you say that?) In our school
there's this skater dude, his name is Brian Cajigal, and
lol, i heard people thought I was COPYING him! i was
laughing my ass off at that. I've kinda been the skater
type for a long time...pretty much after justin left.i miss
him a lot. i was so in love with him. i dotn think he
really knows it though. he's coming back to visit his mom 4
christmas, so i'll see him. anyway, Rian and Rorie pretty
much get me into everything (love ya :wink wink:). they got
me into real skating, i mean like, WITH A
BOARD....hahahaha..and i'm a girl. Im so proud of myself 4
that. on a good day (psha, like once) i can do an ollie.
but i havent been on one in a while. its too cold. my house
is fucking cold! I fell in love with my vans shoes. i
painted my nails black just to piss every one off. cause
the me copying brian thing is just..HILAROUS! i love music.
music is the best. i'm just writing this stuff down staight
off the top of my head. this is how my brain works. scary
isnt it? you should see me in school! i'm like off the
hook. OOOOOO hooo hoo hoo hoo! that was the "inside joke"
betweeen me and DeAnna !"INSIDE"! i love spanish. spanish
guys are pretty sexy. Pat u r a SEXY Bitch!!!!! hahahaha.
but i'm not kidding. hehe. i used to like him a lot. well,
kinda sorta still do but not really. i tend to be really
good friends with guys. My best (girl) friend is leaving in
4 teeny tiny months. you know there's something awesome
about mike. something extremely attractive to me.. maybe
the fact that he's untouchable? Ah! no way! well. i would
but he wouldnt. OMG i have changed so much in so little
time. On complete impulse i bought a skateboard. isnt that
weird?my hands are like freezing to my keyboard. i hate it
when girls r always talkin about some guy, so i'm just
gonna get rid of my own complaints here. cause saying that
you dont have any troubles at all is just a flat out lie. i
hate lies. lies are just...destructive. here are some
lyrics i came up with for my band:

Midnight (my precipice)

morning in and midnight out
Ghosts they whisper
Fear and doubt
I wish i may i wish i might, wish upon that star tonight

All my hope is out of sight

As the clouds of doom are rolling in
Between love and hate who would win
I stand below my precipice
of truth i lost but never missed

I called upon the angel death
but he never heard my pleas
somewhere in this waking dream
i thought you'd never leave


And i walked along an empty road
and gazed along the empty sky
didnt learn from what the past has shown
never looked back or once asked why


Watching a full moon rise
my heart is empty
the shimmer has gone from your eye
time has no meaning
seeming a lie


well anyway..haha. this is going to end up looking like
Dylans journal (but that would be ok) you know, with lots
of lyrics. you know what song is really awesome. its creed.
the acoustic version. i want to learn how to play it. but i
would have to retune my guitar. i hate tuning! i SUCK at
it. but i love my guitar. i try not to get frustrated. here
it is:

A court is in session, a verdict is in
No appeal on the docket today
Just my own sin
The walls are cold and pale
The cage made of steel
Screams fill the room
Alone I drop and kneel

(this part was in the other version i think..dunno. whatcha
askin me i look like fuckin MOSES)?!
Silence now the sound
My breath the only motion around
Demons cluttering around
My face showing no emotion
Shackled by my sentence
Expecting no return
Here there is no penence
My skin begins to burn

So I held my head up high
Hiding hate that burns in side
Which only fuels their selfish pride
We're all held captive
Out from the sun
A sun that shines on only some
We the meek are all in one

I hear a thunder in the distance
See a vision of a cross
I feel the pain that was given
On that sad day of loss
A lion roars in the darkness
Only he holds the key
A light to free me from my burden
And grant me life eternally

Should have been dead
On a sunday morning
Banging my head
No time for mourning
Ain't got no time

I cry out to God
Seeking only his decision
Gabriel stands and confirms
I've created my own prison

anyway, i gotta check out the other good stuff on this site so catch
ya'll lataz!


Stephanie Angelika Davis (fully with nicks. Its Lt.Shorty)
Lt.Stephanie Angelika Lee Gaille Oasis Shorty Davis