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2001-12-18 22:25:58 (UTC)

I dont understand

See the thing is that I had a really wierd dream last night.
I dreamed that ths guy was hitting on me and I kept pushing
away and when i told him why he said who cares ur b/f will
never know about us.So i huled off and kicked him in the
nuts.I mean its like im faithful to chris even in my
dreams.I must really LOVE him.But hes told me hes had
dreams that other women are with him.Are our dreams trying
to tell us something?I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!
But anyway I barly ever see him{on the weekends only if im
LUCKY}and I kinda feel its starting to cause us to we tend to argue over the stupidest things
usually my frinds.Help Me!!!!!!i asked my mom if thats
normal and she said "YES" so im going to try and shrug it

For some wierd reason for the past few days i dont feel
like eating and than when i wake up in the morning At 1am
i feel sick to my stomach than i drift off to sleep.I know
i cant be pregnant because the last time we had sex was
over a month ago and we used protection LIKE ALWAYS.Im
thinking it might be cause I dont feel that good about
myself and the last time this happened i was sick for weeks
at a time.Untill everything went away and back to normal.

So baby if ur reading this U will know everything because
ive probably already told u how I feel and if I havent its
because i dont know how to tell you.i love u with all my
heart and always will.

Can someone reply and help me understand everything.It
would be very helpful..

Luv always

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