monkey princess
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2001-12-18 22:05:28 (UTC)

drank a keg

Drank a lot of alcohol these last couple days. I think I
was trying to numb the senses, escape into an inebriated
reality where emotional pain is only an illusion, and what
really counts is how many more beers can I pound down
before I fall down drooling all over myself. If I was
sober I'd probably be embarassed, but usually you don't
give a shit at that point. Everybody's funny and nice,
your funny and nice, everyone likes you, or so you think.
Until you wake up that next morning, covered in your own
vomit, and maybe even somebody else. Your head aches, and
your breath smells like you've been chewing on horse shit.
As you peel yourself off some foreign floor, spend 20
minutes looking for your car and drive home to sleep for
20 more hours. Ah. Blissful eden. My sacred escape.
No just kidding, I'm not that pathetic. Not that I haven't
found myself in those situations but, there's no deep
emotional deprevation that causes me to submerge myself to
a night of lustful alcoholism, I just wanna party.
Anyhoo. That aside, I just want to say that ass implants
are pretty cool. Been thinking about investigating the
possibilities of enlarging the roundness of my own hiney.
Maybe through in a few extra cups in the boobie department
as well. Shit, maybe I'll just shrink my nose to the size
of a peanut and add a couple inches between my eyes and
change my name to Michael Jackson. And since we both don't
have penis's, we'd probably pretty damn indistinguishable,
wouldn't it?
And that's all I have to say.

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