hello kitty cat
2001-12-18 22:00:59 (UTC)


I'm staying after school to print some pictures with Katy
while Alex takes a test. I'm listening to the Smashing
Pumpkins greatest hits..there is some really good
unreleased stuff on here....I wish they had kept going I
think most of the stuff I like the most is towards the
end... was pretty typical. I went to my last day of
gov...slept through it as usual. I finished a painting I'm
giving Katy for Christmas.
Apparently I have a virus. I'm hoping I get better soon.
Logan and Jordan are coming down soon..I'm wondering how
all this shit is going to turn far as Christmas
and all that. I don't know where my Father and Sara
stand...I have a feeling it's starting to kinda look
hopeless...I don't understand my Dad...I don't understand
what he has become. He used to be such a great person...but
some where along the way he lost what he should have stayed
true to for the rest of his life. I don't understand how
you can lose the basis of your life. He truely has lost.
Who day maybe he'll realize what he's done and
try and right his wrongs. Things almost look hopeless for
me as far as my future. I have no clue where I'm going. I
think that I need a vacation..which is what is coming up
shortly. I think that I'll figure a few things out then. Or
at least I hope I will. I'm waiting for something...I'm not
quite sure what it is yet...but I know it's coming. Does
that sound strange???