The Baby Diary
2001-12-18 21:43:26 (UTC)

First round of morning sickness

Why do they call it morning sickness? It should be all day

I had been feeling hungry ever since I even suspected that
I might be pregnant. But I think it intensified once I
knew what was going on in my body. And it’s like this
switch is turned on all of a sudden. I’m fine one minute
and the next I’m starving! I HAVE TO EAT NOW!

I find that the nausea works the same way. I’ll be fine
one moment and the next I’ll feel like I have to puke. If
I can get to food when I start feeling like that, I’m
fine. But as I discovered last night…I can’t always get to

I took over direction of the High School musical early in
December. For two weeks I lived at the school trying to
get that show up and running. Because of that, I didn’t
get ANY Christmas shopping done until after the show
closed. Which also meant that the presents hadn’t been
shipped either! Ted and I finally got everything we needed
to send boxed up and ready to go. I had a performance to
that night in Indianapolis, so the plan was to drop the
stuff off at Fed Ex, eat dinner, and go to the show. Ted
was going along with me to shop while I was performing!

As we are driving to Fed Ex, this wave of nausea hits me. I
tell Ted that I need food or I’m going to puke. He says
this will take no time at all. (HA!) We go to Fed Ex and
Ted doesn’t like the price they quote us. So then we go to
UPS…with me getting sicker by the second. UPS is more
expensive than Fed Ex…so we go back to Fed Ex. Now, that
whole thing took maybe 10 minutes, but when you feel like
you’re going to puke it seems like an eternity. I go in
and help Ted fill out the forms to send the boxes to the
different locations and then we wait for someone to help
us. As I stand there, I feel myself grow very light headed
and the puke is just begging to come out!

Very casually, I excuse myself, walk outside behind some
bushes, and puke. Not very lady like, but Fed Ex doesn’t
have a public bathroom. I then wait in the car for Ted to
return so I can get something to eat. Once I got food in
me, I felt much better, but I still had to do a show that
night. I’m glad Ted came with me as I was in no condition
to drive!

But I’ll tell you this…it just happens. There is no
warning. All of a sudden I have to vomit or eat. No
warning. I think I’ll start keeping a stash of food in my