In The Words of Axinne
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2001-12-18 21:42:15 (UTC)

I hate this world.....

Man, this world is so focused on tivial and menial
things. Today, like most days, I just felt like screaming. I
tottally wish, as I do everyday, that I lived somewhere
else. Somewhere like in the books I read. I do NOT fit in
here. My home is defintily some place else. I wonder if
anyone else feels the same way as me.
Pern, any of Edding's worlds, Altair, Callista,
Betelgeuse (A.M.'s worlds), MiddleEarth, or any place
other than this Earth and this time period would be
better. Or this world, but with magic, like H.P. I would be
one of those magic users. I just want to go home, you
well, its back to the [email protected]$$ things I do everyday here.
In the words of the Elves,
Elen Sila Lumenn Olmentielvo!