The Baby Diary
2001-12-18 21:30:47 (UTC)

How I found out

Ted and I have been trying for a while to have a baby. Our
anniversary is in April and we wanted to wait at least a
year before having kids. So, when February rolled around,
I went off the pill to give my body some time to build up
the stuff it needs to build up in the uterus before I
should try to get pregnant. I guess we “officially”
started trying on our first anniversary.

Then came the waiting and watching and hoping. (WARNING)
My periods are like clockwork…every 28 days. And I’m very
blessed to have light periods that only really last 3-4
days. (Dozens of women out there hate me now!) I start
around the end of the month and I’m finished up by the
first or second depending on how many days are in the month.

Three times between April and October I was late…one week
late to be precise. Each time, I would get excited and
happily take an EPT test. Each time the test would be
negative and I would start my period the next day. No joke
folks…the NEXT DAY! It was getting very frustrating.

Then October rolled around and I went up to Michigan to do
a children’s show for two weeks. I would be home Nov. 1
and since I was late the month before I figured I wouldn’t
need to take my feminine needs with me. I was wrong. I
started on October 27, much to my dismay. (I buy my
feminine things in bulk at Sam’s Club and was very put out
by the fact that I had to go and buy some more.)

So the next month came with Thanksgiving and all that fuss…
and no period. I told Ted I was late so he “knew” from the
start what was up. I wasn’t about to take an EPT test for
fear that I would start the next day! I was superstitious
that way I guess. (WARNING) Then my normally not
sensitive boobs became VERY sensitive! And I mean very!
So that was my first clue that this was for real. Then,
and I will address this delicately, making love was a bit
different as well. I won’t go into details here, but let
me tell you…it felt different!

We were to go and see a play with my Mom and Dad one
evening. We were supposed to pick Mom up at 4:30, drive to
Dad’s work and pick him up, then drive to the play. We
would eat dinner afterwards. When Ted came home from work
at 3:30, I told him I was starving and if I didn’t eat now
I would throw up. He took me to get a Mexican Pizza, which
I inhaled, and then demanded I take a pregnancy test. At
4:15 on Thursday, I reluctantly took the test (still afraid
I would start my period the next day). Low and behold…it
was positive! We picked Mom up at 4:30, and once Dad was
in the car, we told them what was up. I’m no good at

Slowly, I told the rest of the family and my friends. I
checked for an OBGYN by asking friends with kids who they
went to. And now I’m scheduled to go in tomorrow for blood
work. The Nurse at the OBGYN was concerned that I was
already 6-7 weeks along and hadn’t had an ultra sound yet.
So, that will be one of the first thing I get to do I