Marco Jacksonovic

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2001-12-18 21:27:46 (UTC)

Of Sore Eyes And Long Missed Friends.

This sort of just follows on from what I was saying before
about how nice it is to be back. It scares me a little how
quick I'll settle into my routine. It goes a little
something like this.

8am - Get up, generally cup of tea to start the day.
9am - Wander around the house, waiting for the postie.
10am - Start working on whatever will keep me for the day.
12pm - Have a bath, part through necessity, part to read.
1pm - Have a quick lunch. Soup or pasta thing.
2pm - Try to get back to work. Fail generally. Cup of tea.
3pm - Start to watch a video, then fifteen-to-one.
4pm - Go out for the paper to get back before Countdown.
5pm - Cook for myself and my mum.
7pm - Go back to my work.
8pm - Go out for a few bevs with the lads.

Obviously, this is not uniform, but is the rough skeleton
for how my day works. I went for a wander earlier today,
and didn't work as much as I would like.

Intersperse all this with just bumming about, either in
front of the computer, or elsewhere, and you see what a
waste I become. I wish I could claim some great thing, but
no, I occasionally download a few tracks, but that's it.
And now I miss my friends from Norwich, and the freedom I
have there. Well, you can't win 'em all.

WILT? Hidden Place - Björk