The Baby Diary
2001-12-18 21:11:41 (UTC)

Why an on-line journal?

Many people might think of an on-line journal as something
only people who want attention do to get that much needed
attention. I have thought this on many occasions…
especially since so many of our thought are personal and
really shouldn’t be shared with others unless we can do it
vocally. But in the situation that I am in currently, I
find that this will be a handy way for me to inform all of
you what is going on in my life…and more specifically…
what’s going on with the baby.

‘Casue let’s face it…no one really cares about you anymore
when you are pregnant. Everyone only wants to know about
the baby!

I’m writing this first of all for my family who is spread
out all over the United States. I’ll get tired of e-
mailing everyone with all these details, and calling on the
phone can get expensive. So I’m putting everything here so
they won’t have to wonder what’s up. I’m also doing it
because I get bombarded with Instant Messages asking me how
I’m feeling and what’s up. It’s hard to tell all these
stories over and over again. If I post them here, I only
have to tell them once! Lastly, I’ll print out many of
these messages to save for future reference or maybe paste
in a baby book.

Now, a word of warning…I’m going to talk about things that
the squeamish stomach might not handle. I’ll tell all the
gory details. So, if you don’t want to know, then don’t
read! Women have this natural ability to talk about their
bodies and not think what they are saying is gross. But I
think that at some point in this diary things will get
gross. I’ll try to put a warning before I get too nasty
just to give you a chance to look away!

That’s my intro…now on to the good stuff!