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2001-12-18 21:00:05 (UTC)

when life gives you lemons...

dear diary,
it's not fair. they were mine first. my friends. i
introduced them, that's fine, happy happy. but still... they were my
friends first. take away her physicality and there's not as much
there as you would think. and now they all love her. all adore her.
but they were my friends first. if it wasn't for her, craving
the spotlight, branding herself, trying to take over my world... i'd
still have them. but now im just someone who used to be cool, used to
be exciting, until something better came along. when if it wasn't for
me... they never would have even met her. some people can
understand that, but why can't they? when life gives you lemons, make
lemonade. adapt to your surroundings. deal, cadence, just deal.

but they were my friends first.