No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-12-18 20:57:39 (UTC)

outside looking in

It just seems like everything is falling apart, and I'm
on the outside looking in. It bugs me becuase it seems like
there is nothing I can do. I try so hard, but it never
That is how things with me have been lately. I feel like
I'm included, like someone is ALWAYS watching me, but not.
Like they are trying to ignore me, but still watching me. I
don't know. You probably think I'm some paranoid twit or
something. lol. This doesnt apply to anyone either. I guess
it's just the time of year or something. Who knows.
I don't sleep much, I don't eat as much either. My mom
thinks I'm depressed. But, I know I'm not. I think it might
be stress. I really need X-mas break. But, the day after X-
mas I'm going to NY which is good and bad all the same. I
get to hang out with Lisa and my family, but I'll miss my
friends. Well, I'm gunna go. Bye!