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2001-12-18 20:44:40 (UTC)

First Entry.

My first entry in my new journal will be today. For a
couple months I have been using Live Journal. Don't get me
wrong it isn't a bad service. I really liked having a
journal on their program. After a while I found myself
getting angry towards Live Journal's users who were locals.
They were invading my privacy. Example, a girl named Suzi
from Oakhurst, New Jersey. Yes, I know her personally.
Honestly, I wished I didn't know she even exsist. The girl
has brains up her ass. Her life is rotated around American
On-line. I find it very sad to have a life behind a screen.
She choices her life style. What can I say? I did make a
visit to a local show one night with my people. It was a
show for her favorite band called, The Slackers. I, myself
hate SKA with a passion. Being in a club hearing SKA makes
me angry. But, anyways. I gave her a nice beating. How do I
know I won? Well, because my people would have knocked her
ass on the ground if she touched me. Yes, I was thrown out,
because I kicked her in the face, cunt, stomach, and
spitted in her face. The next night I visited my journal.
Not to be surprise I found a whole story about me. I almost
died from laughing. My boy Paul who was next to me when
everything happened almost died from laughing. He couldn't
believe how retarded Suzi really can be. She had twisted
everything around, so I sounded like a wimp. Why can't
people tell the truth? Does it hurt that much? She really
thinks she had won. As I was told allow her think anything
she desires. What comes around goes around. What I did to
her at Club Krome was nothing. She doesn't know who I know
or where I might be. Now, she can't read my journal, so she
might as well have withdraws. Do you think I can write
without having AOL Nazis interupting me? HaHaHaHa, oi vey!

On the other hand, I shouldn't sweat a little girl like
Suzi. I have been doing good. I have been getting my
apartment ready. Pretty soon I will be living on the other
side of town with Dave. I think everything will go great
once I have my own responsibilities. Rude of waking, I
guess you can call it. No, I am happy. I found good
friends. Can't say much about boyfriend material. Not my
thing at the moment. Too many obstacles for a relationship
at the moment. I want a better new year. No, I should say
it will be a better *fucking* new year!

Anyway, I guess My-Diary.Org is my new home for writing. I
write time to time. More writing later on. Bye.

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