a waSte of sPace
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2001-12-18 20:40:14 (UTC)

thinKing onLy of yoU

i gaze into nothingness
thinking only of you
i feel your eyes burning in
my mind
your innocent look, so appealing,
it taunets me. it calls me out.
i think only of you
without a doubt you are
the reason for my suffering
the cause of my crying
you are why my knees weaken
an words no longer come from my mouth
your presence is intimidating
a great honor is just being near you
for a split second
let alone be with you
i care for you yet i dont know you
i cry at the thoughts in my head
then silently die in deep regret
-1st block math-

okay so im sitting in math supposed to be studying and what
am i doing? writing this! i cant get my mind off him. he's
too wonderful. i luv him yet i am hurt by him. what is my
problem? im soo confused. ive never felt this way before...
i think im gonna go watch willy wonka and the chocolate
factory. heh. i have to march a parade today. im in
colorguard, but what i really want to do is sleep because
thats the only way i can be with him...in my dreams.

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