Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-18 20:19:17 (UTC)

terrible news

Last night one of my best friends mother died. We knew it
was coming-- she was diagnosed w/ cancer just last month
right before Thanksgiving. It started as pancreatic cancer
but they didnt catch it on time so it spread to her liver,
lungs and colon. But I thought she would have a bit
longer. I guess I knew that she was going to but never
expected it to really happen. It was terrible. And she
only wanted a few of us to know so Sarah told me not to say
much.. -- I was sitting here w/ all these emotions and I
had nobody to share them w/ b/c nobody was supposed to
know. The only ppl I could tell were like my outta town
friends but sometimes u just need someone there. So I told
my mom but that made it a bit worse b/c my mom has had
lymphoma 2 times and fortunately for me, made it through
both times.. It makes me feel so grateful that my mom did
survive. I really cant imagine what the family is going
through right now. and right before Christmas!!! they
didnt even celebrate Thanksgiving this yr. b/c they had
just found out about the cancer.. what are the going to do
now!? I just feel so terrible.. Im not sure what to do or
say to console her. I feel worthless b/c I luv her so much
and Im afraid of not proving myself to be a good friend
simply b/c it brings back hard memories for me. Any
advice? Please!?