.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-12-18 20:14:54 (UTC)

so zac...

so i had this dream about zac, on sunday night, i dreamt
that he kissed, ben's freind ernie's girl freind, (like
when john danced with her in real life) he got all mad and
stuff (ernie) and everyone left and zac was sad. i hugged
him. i know this is random and minuscule, but wait...
last night, mandy tells me, in secrecy, that the night
before zacs first show in kennett, in the car on the way to
the show, zac said he wanted to make out with me. of
course this was a month ago, and i will take it as nothing
more than a boy who wanted some action.
anyway, im in the library now, waiting for matt to be done
his filming stuff so we can leave for west chester, he is
gettin his tattoo consultation and i wanna go visit the boy
in west chester, at creep records, who did the digger
there is a boy behind me now, that reminds me a lot of sam
from fall faster, i guess its just his hair, its the same,
i keep looking back to see, yes there is definatly
simularities. anyway, sam was ecstatic last night when i
told him what i made him for x mas, the zine box. he said
he'll make me a mix tape. i told him id love him forever.
well i didnt, but thats just what happens when someonme
makes me a tape.
doug, the show boy from acme got fired. i feel ssad for
him, it was over somthing dumb, and now who will i go visit
at acme???
there is a show on friday at the garage, but it may be
changed, doesnt matter, i guess it would be cool to go,
cuase i will see zac and john panasuk (he and his GF broke
up by the way)
there is also the coffee house on thursday, i may not go.
i may just have another 3 show weekend (like last weekend
with teh get up kids on thurs, friday hte mercury decision,
and saturday digger and the june spirt) if this works out,
this week will be thrus, coffee house, friday garage,
saturday, there is this emo show in west chester at some
kids house, i think its like the band Alison rangers house,
but its freakin cool cause rescue the past, the anthology
and a year to forget is playin to!!
so i need to find a ride to that, or at least someone to go
with, i wotn do the whole west chester heroin-band house-
show alone. too risky.
im sorta bored, its 3:15 now, and im waiting untill 3:30
for matt to be done, then we take his brother home, then we
leave for west chetser.
sam wants a werdy girl tee, alyssa was ecstatic that a boy,
wanted a zine shirt, its prolly the typewritere that sold
him, thats what sold me.
anyway, time to go. its 3:18, ill check my mail and pack
up. have i mentioned that my love for emo boys has grown
to an unhealthy level.
quick review.
nick is mad, i think it has to do with the digger show,
maybe he was there after all, maybe hes mad that we didnt
hook up, like i wouldve hooked up with alyssa there anyway.
i havent talked to jay in a long time, thats not good, i
realyl should call him, this week is easy, cept i have this
damn long term math project to do, fuck it, im out.