a little piece of me
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2001-12-18 20:02:09 (UTC)

last day of freedom!

today is my last day of freedom for a few weeks. my mom
will be here tomorrow. we're gonna do some shoppin and
stuff. we'll probably go eat at diamond dave's (i love
that place!). i've been eating too much lately, so i'm not
going to eat until we go eat dinner tomorrow night. it'll
be good...let my body detox until then. nothing but tea
and water for a while.

i talked to brett until almost 5:30 this morning. time
really flies when i talk to him! lmao! we were discussing
pet clams! i just could not stop laughing about that...oh
geez it was so funny! we have the dumbest conversations on
the planet, i swear! seriously, i spend more time laughing
than talking. he's soooooo funny! 10 days! yay!

anyway, there's really not much going on right now. i've
got stuff i need to get done (house must be spotless by the
time i leave here thurs, cause next time i come home, brett
will be with me!!!). i just don't wanna do it! alright
alright, i'm going. could be a while before i write here
again, so i hope everyone has a merry christmas!