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2001-12-18 19:00:39 (UTC)


Wow... Last night on voice chat I said "I love you" to
Kiara... she said "Love you too" It's probably not that big
of a thing to someone else, but to me, dang... That was so
nice to hear it in her own voice... *happy sigh*

Well, besides that, I've been in a strange art inspiration
thingy O.o I keep drawing charecters in strange clothing
with bad attitudes, and I'm the happiest I've ever been! O.o
Well, I'll just see what happens, maybe I'll actualy try
these strange clothes, I dunno *shrugs* I know for a fact
its just a thing that will stop later, but why not explore
it while its here? Because my parents wouldnt like it of
course... But should that matter? I dunno x.x

Should I try it because I want to, or not try it because
they wouldnt like it.... Oh well...

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