2001-12-18 18:49:56 (UTC)

Another Day at the cracker factory

Sigh, just another day at the cracker factory.
I shampooed our carpet today. It really needed it.
It was so dirty. It is nice and clean now.

tonight Frank and I go to place our Christmas dinner with Dominicks. I will pick it up on Monday.
We are having spiral ham.

This weekend is my weekend with Honey-Bear. Hurray.
I told that naughyhoney-bear no damn Christmas present. He did it anyway. Men just do not listen.

Yesterday was Rebecca's 23rd birthday. I hope it was a nice one for her. I wish I could have been there to help her celebrate it.

I met Tom last week. I guess I am not his type.
Blew it with Steve, because he found out about Honey-Bear. Oh well, we win some and we lose some.

I have to meet one other gentleman. An Afro American name Jose. He seems pleasant enough.
A man is a man. He seems kind. Who cares what race they are. shit, there is enough hatered and bigotry in the fucking country as it is.

We all bleed red blood at the end.

Poor Honey- he lost his grandma over the weekend.
She lived a century and a half. Lucky woman!

Carolann is depressed. Wonder how Stephan is.
Have noth heard from Robert Lee and the rest.

I am a trying to limit the hours I stay on the web.
I will periodically update all my diaries.

Michelle is suppose to come over. We will see about that one.

So good day to all.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
{Karissa Anne}