I dont no what to do
2001-12-18 18:48:21 (UTC)

I dont no wat 2 do

Hi im Leanne

i really like this lad called Jamie but i dont fink he
likes me! about a week ago he asked me out but now hes
askin my m8 selina. I dont fink that its fair on both of us
that he keeps chosin who he wants 2 go out wiv coz hes just
hurtin every1s feelings. I think selina likes him which
makes it worse because it means that i cant go out wiv him
because its not fair on her. If selina and Jamie went bac
out i fink id b really up set but i suppose them 2 goin out
has got nothin 2 do wiv me. Selina if u read this, i dont
mean 2 make u feel bad! Jamie if u read this, i really
really like u

lots of love