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2001-12-18 18:16:06 (UTC)


This is my first time writting in this so Im just going to
say a little bit about me. I am 16 years old, I live in
council grove, Kansas, in a foster home. I write alot of
poetry, mostly deppresing stuff because that is the only
time i get the urge to write. Anyway I am single, I would
like to share some things about me to anyone caring to
listen. I have been through alot so I would love to give
you advice, or even just share some amazing stories
with you. I am an open book so dont hesitate to ask.
Alot of poeple have come to me with thier problems,
They find my stories realy helpful, and has gotten them
out of alot of stuff.

well reply if you'd like.
Thanks for your time.