the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-12-18 17:47:31 (UTC)

the duck is yellow

have you ever woke up just feeling as if something was
wrong? im so scared...i dont know why but im petrified....
im shaking and i am fighting tears...i just had lunch with
my little bro...but i dont know ...all was fine until i
dropped him back at school...the entire way home i felt as
if something was terribly insides
heart hurts...i dont understand this
it bothering me cause i just keep thinking of my friends
and family and old friends that im on bad terms with and
wow this is weird

ok deep breath--everything is ok right?

so how is everyone out there today?
hope all is well but im gonna go take a shower and try and
clear my thoughts
hugs kisses and lots of love