hello kitty cat
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2001-12-18 16:37:33 (UTC)

red hoodless hoodie....??

So last night I went to the mall with Jason...we said we
were Christmas shopping but we both ended up buying
ourselves a CD...haha. Well anyway...I left my purse at the
food court and didn't realize it until I got back home...SO
we drove back to the mall and as we walk into the mall I see
this chick who is wearing exactly the same thing I was...and
I'm like weird...and then all of a sudden Jason stops her
and is like "HEy Caitlin" it was his ex ....and I know
it's not that big a deal ..but it felt so damn weird for
some reason...I never wanted to meet her. I don't know
why...but I just didn't. SO yes. I ended up finding my
purse..and it had everything in everything was fine.
BLEH I don't know why I'm writing about this. Anyway that
Smashing Pumpkins girl gave me like 3 bootlegs and 6 SP
posters for that was cool...I'm listening to the
first disc of the last's a bad recording but it's
nice to have. I guess I will w