Baby Story
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2001-12-18 16:26:15 (UTC)

11 wks 6 days

Hello hello! 2nd Final down! only 3 more to go! Yippee!

I had the most odd dream last night. I was being stalked
by some guy, and he was chasing me around my cottage. I
was so scared, and I ran into some strange guy who I asked
to help me, and he wouldn't. Well, when the stalker guy
finally caught up to me and grabbed me, I woke up, THANK
GOD! What a scary dream!!! So I was awake around 7:15, and
I called my hunny at work. Poor guy, he had to work at
7:00 this morning, uck.

Last night, we went to the mall and I was totally planning
on looking for Christmas presents for his family, but when
we passed the maternity store, I just had to take a peek.
Needless to say, I bought another pair of jeans, a dress
shirt for work, a comfy cozy dress, and a pair of kahki's.
OOPS!!! hehe, It was fun though.

Don't feel any different today... same old aches and pains,
and same old worries. LOVE chatting on my Amazing
Pregnancy Messege Boards with all my buds. They are
great. Hope everyone is having a most wonderful week!!!

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