The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-12-18 16:21:33 (UTC)

I have an addiction to....

see that is the type of title that gets people to read
it..oh well i am addicted to The Phantom of the Opera Cd
that my sister is letting me so im not
addicted i just like to listen to it alot...and Ashley U.S
History was fun..i like having half my butt on a chair and
half not on a chair!.that was tommorow we HAVE to
make sure we GET seats...ok well lets see...Ashley is mean
because she took my hair tie and now my hair is down
and..yes..well shes mean like that, but she has nice hand and I are twins today because we have
the same Bra and socks on!..and we didnt even plan
it! well rock on pink with white dot bras and
silver shiny socks!!....ok well i am going to go now..buh