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2001-12-18 16:21:27 (UTC)


well I found out I got like, 65 on my last Sociological
Theory paper. But I figured she wouldn't like it anyways. So
I was pretty happy when I found out I got 84 on my
Anthropology final, and that my final mark, because the
final was worth 44% is going to be an A.
On my first test, I got 70%, then I got 76%. So I was pretty
unconcerned cuz I figured that no matter what I did I would
get a B (on the course outline it said there were no 's in
anything, but I guess he changed his mind since there were
's on the mark sheet on his door).
But that makes me pretty happy. I just finished writing my
sociolgical theory term test, which even if i do well on is
only worth 20%.
I have a final in Crime and Devience this afternoon... I
don't know how well that's gonna go since I somehow managed
to leave all my notes at home!
I put them all in a stack yesterday so that I wouldn't
forget them. For some reason when I picked up the stack of
notes today, all I had was my social theory, no crime and
deviant behavior. Ugh. At least I have the book, but I'm
still scared.