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2001-12-18 16:13:40 (UTC)

I'm a thief!

Mood: Relatively Happy
TV: David Letterman (or at least it was on when I started)
Time: 1:12 AM (12-19-01) Tokyo Standard Time

HAHAHA, I stole another poll offa Mona's diary. Catch me if
ya can, bish!

1. Name: Christopher Naoto Southorn (This is a correction, I spelled
my own fucking name wrong the first time through :P)

2. Idol: John Leguizamo

3. Where do you live? Okinawa, Japan

4. School: Finished High School

5. Height: 5'9 (same as Mona, grr)

6. Type of Cigs you smoke: None

7. Hair color: Black

8. Eye color: Chocolate brown

9. First crush: Christina Berberich in the 5th grade. I
used to snap her bra, damn I was a jerk. Note to self:
Don't snap bra if you want to pick up girl

10. Siblings: Two younger brothers (18 and 14)

11. Nieces/Nephews: None yet, but my brother's working at
it :P

12. Righty or lefty? My right hand is like my ... right hand

13. Hobbies: Talking to friends while at work mostly

14. Whats your sign? Scorpio

About Friends

1. Friends that look like you: Maybe JD, except he's about
six inches taller than me.

2. You go for advice to: Ressa

3. You've dreamt about: Amber, Dick, Mona

4. You tell your dreams to: Anyone who asks :)

5. You tell secrets to: Ressa

On Girls (For Guys To Fill Out)

1. Boy shorts or bikini underwear? Bikini :D

2. Painted or unpainted nails? Doesn't really matter

3. Bra or sports bra? None of the above

4. Sort of dressy or casual? Sort of dressy ::nods::

5. Pierced ears or not? Pierced, but not really flashy

6. Dark or blonde hair? I don't descriminate ;) I love all
the ladies

7. Dark or light eyes? See above

8. Long or short nails? Doesn't really matter

9. Hat or no hat? Maybe if it looked cute on her

10. Good girl or bad girl? Good girl O:)

11. Hair up or down? Down

12. Jewelry or no? Maybe a lil

13. Tall or short? Short is cute

14. Curly or straight hair? Whatever works for her

15. Skirt or dress? Both are nice :D

16. Tan or fair? Doesn't matter

17. Freckles or no? If they looked cute, sure

18. Pretty indoor chick or sportsy chick? I think i'd be
better off with an indoor girl

19. Accent or American? I love all the ladies ;)

On Guys (For Girls To Fill Out)

1. Hair color:

2. Eye color:

3. Preppy or greaser:

4. Body piercing:

5. Tattoos:

6. Kind of vehicle:

7. Shaven or scruffy?:

8. Body (build, color):

9. Hair (long, short, curly):

10. In sports or intellectual:

11. Smokes:

12. Hat or no hat?:

13. Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?:

On Preferences

1. Marry perfect lover or perfect friend? Perfect friend.
You can ALWAYS work on the former ;)

2. Tea or coffee? Don't even play around with my coffee

3. Sappy/Action/Comedy/Horror: I like sappy flicks, but I'm
always in the mood for a comedy

4. Cats or dogs? Kitties .

28. College: Pretty soon

29. Job: Drama Teacher :D


1. What does your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend look like?
Maybe 5'0, short dirty blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful

2. How do they act? Sweet, thoughtful, huggable

3. Do you like to call or be called? Be called

5. Make the moves or wait? Wait and see

6. Whats the first thing you notice in a guy/girl? How they
act (snobby, shy, etc)

If You Could

1. Move anywhere, where would it be? San Fransisco

2. Dye your hair, what color would it be? Royal Purple or
Forest Green

3. Have a tattoo, where would it be and what would it be?
An American Flag on a big red heart with the words 'Mother
and Country' written around it on my arm or chest.

4.Meet one person, who would it be? Amber, my online

5. Live with one person the rest of your life, who would it
be? Amber :D

6. Punish someone for something, how would they be
punished? Scowled at for about five minutes before I end up
apologizing. I'm such a sissy.

Miscellaneous Questions #1

1. Who do you love? Amber

2. What are you embarrassed about? My social life

3. What do you wish you had done that you didnt? It has to
do with school

4. What do you really want? To move on from this phase in
my life and start school again and be with Amber

5. What are you going to do today? Work, chat, sleep

6. What do you plan on doing? All of the above

7. What did you do yesterday? Same ole' same ole'

8. What are you going to do tomorrow? This is annoying

9. What do you do thats hard to do? Nothing :P

10. What turns you on? Making out all sexy like

11. What turns you off? Bishes

Whats The First Thing You Do When You

1. Get up? Shit shower and shave

2. Get in the shower? Stare at myself in the mirror and ask
myself questions.

3. Go to bed? HEHEHEHE

1. Size matter? ::shrugs:: Not to me, but I'm not having a
dick stuck in me

2. Have a crush? Yup :)


This or That

1. Deaf or blind? Deaf

2. Truth or dare? Truth

3. WWF or WCW? WWF! Who wants to watch a bunch of old farts
go at it in the squared ring.

4. Ocean or pool? Ocean, its only two blocks away

5. Cake or pie? I always get birthday pies. Never did like

6. Love or lust? True Love

7. Silver or gold? Silver

8. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds

9. Shaken or stirred? ::James Bond voice:: Shaken, not

10. Taco or burrito? Definitely Burrito

11. Armageddon or Independence Day? I liked ID4, but not even Bruce
Willis could save Armageddon

13. Sunset or sunrise? Sunrise

14. Crushed or cubed? Cubed

15. Showers or baths? Showers

When You Hear This Name You Think Of

1. Adam: Corrola and Dr. Drew

2. Bill: Regular customer :)

3. Francis: If I ever see that punk again, I'm gonna kick his ass

4. Greg: Dear old dad

5. John: Where I go to take care of business

6. Jill: Went up the hill

7. Rich: Hehehe, that's what they used to call Dick before I started
calling him Dick.

8. Matt: Damon, he's cute

9. Pat: Cool dude, I'm gonna meet him when I go back to Modesto

10. Stephanie: That chick that David Letterman is always calling


12. Ted: Love and marriage ... love and marriage ... go together like
a horse and carriage

My Friend With The Best

1. House: JD

2. Car: Jordan with his Yugo! YEAH BABY!

3. Room: JD

4. Family: Dick. I love his family

5. Clothes: Brandon

6. Grades: Probably Shawn at UC Davis. I know he justed aced his
physics final.

Miscellaneous Questions #2

1. Do you like school? Can't wait to get back

2. Does the song Closing Time make you sad? Not really, I sing it
every night when I close the cafe

4. What do you look for in friend? Honesty, Loyalty, Fun to be around

5. Do you like to dance? Sure

6. Are you scared to ask someone out? Every time

7. Have you ever thought you were gonna die? A few times, mostly
during Boot Camp :D

8. Have you ever been drunk or high? Yes and no (well ... I didn't
touch the stuff, but Howard the Duck was never as funny as the time
when my friends hot-boxxed my room while watching it)

9. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? My monkey (I have a stuffed
monkey, you sickos)

10. Have you ever broken/fractured a bone? Not yet, thank God

11. Do you have anything pierced? Nope

12. Do you wear braces? Nope

13. Do you consider yourself a good listener? Most of the time

14. Are you conceited? Nah

15. Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes

16. Do you think cheerleading is a sport? Fur shure

17. Have you ever stolen anything? No, I'm a good boy O:)

18. What's on your ceiling? A light

19. What color is your toothbrush? Green and white

20. What's your worst injury ever? I pulled my neck once really badly
and I couldn't move it for a week. That sucked :(

21. What's the hardest thing about growing up? Eventually leaving all
your friends

22. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, it can happen :)

23. Have you ever been in love? I am now

24. What are you wearing right now? Black slacks, black polo shirt,
gray undershirt

25. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done? I've let Amber go
twice before ... I won't make that mistake again.

26. What do you wear to bed? My blue shorts and a smile

27. What's the best feeling in the world? Cuddling

28. Do you think looks are important? To a certain extent, but not
once you get to know the person

29. What do you think of the person who sent this to you? That would
be Mona (since I stole from her ... again, mwahahaha). She's shexy,
sweet, and very fun to be around.

30. What makes you cry?: Hurting people I love

PS I hate what happens on this journal when you use quotation marks.
Its really annoying :P