Legacy Of The Corpse
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2001-12-18 15:32:21 (UTC)

Enter The Corpse.....

Date: December 18, 2001
Time: 10:29 A.M.
Mood: Woundering
Music: Nothing at this time.

Well to start off with, I have been looking for a
place to keep and online journal for a long time. This
place seemed to look like a good one and I hope that it is
a good place to have my online journal.
Now a littel about my self. Im 21 year old male from a
tiny town im Pa. Im a gay littel gothic boy who longs to
leave this quit littel town and see what the rest of the
world has to offer. Currently I have no job right now. Jobs
are something that are hard to come by out this way. And
seeing how my car is about dead I can't really travel to
look for work for a while. Hopefully it all works out soon.
Well for anyone that wants to contact me My AIM chat
name is MysticalCorpse00 (thats zero zero at the end) or
Taste of Blud 00 (zero zero again) and my email address is
[email protected] feel free to use them anytime
u wanna know more about me or to just leave comments.

Time: 11:52 AM
Mood: Confussed
Music: Nothing.

Well I just gotta outta the shower and Im waiting for my mother
to get home with some smokes and whatever else she rushed outta the
house to get this morning. I hope she comes back soon.
I still thinking about going with my Best friend Shawna to our
friend Ashlie's house to drink tonight. We went there yesterday and
were talking about it. I guess they want to invite Blair and Shane
there boy toys. I don't really mind Blair and I really don't know
Shane but he is pretty hot. I just have this feeling if I go with
those guys tonight Im be left out cause I know Shawna is just gonna
want to fuck Shane and Ashlie will be busy messing around with Blair.
I know im gonna end up going though cause Shawna is gonna need me to
get the vodka. I just hope that if I do go things don't get outta
control like they normally do when them four are together.

Time: 6:00 PM
Mood: Pissed Off
Music: Marilyn Manson, Fight Song

Well my mother has made me stay home and watch my brother while
she goes Christmas shopping for the brat. Plus my ugly ass sister
wont stay home to watch the brat so I can go out. This sucks...
Shawna stoped by around 5:30 PM to pick me up to go but seeing
how I have to babysit I could not go anywhere. I did go with her to
get the vodka for later but if Mommy and my Pig Daddy don't get home
soon I don't think i'll get to drink a fucking drop off it.
Grrrr....I hate Christmas.....

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