spikey the twitching oddball

.| twitching spike |.
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2001-12-18 13:48:56 (UTC)

twitching monkey!!!

aahhh i can't stop twitchin! It's annoying my badly!
I've been doing it alot more latly and that make me kinda
worried lol but ehm ... oh well... i'm sure it's nothing...
it could have something todo with the fact that i havn't
really slept much or ate much latly...... i knoe i knoe i
should but i dun wanna... food is ick and if i sleep then i
have to dream and the last dream i had scared the living
poo outta me [not literally!]

hmm... i should make a contest called "Win a date with
Spike" lol i could take my video camera with me on the
dates and put the video's on here... haha that would be
kinda funni ...

hmm... yea on my page i have a link to my webcam... well i
have been sick so ehm ... it's been showing up
as "offline" ... cuz i juss havn't felt like being starred
at ... being sick sux arse!!!

i wanna go see "Lord Of The Rings!"

imma be lara croft for next halloween... and if i have my
license i am going to find a really old graveyard and imma
spend the night there... i gotta find me a buncha people
togo with me so i wont be all alone or anything, i enjoy my
video camera cuz i can take it arround to places like that
and video tape it for later ... haha im going to start
recording "a day in the life of Spike" soon... and have on
my site where you can order one and they will be free...
and i'll just send a video and it'll be like having me in
ur house lol ... be kinda cool i think... but maybe it's
just me. ack twitching!!! STOP ITTTTT ... grr....

I am going to start a video right now...
hehe fun fun fun!!!

welp ... imma go now. go g'bye!

-hugz and many kisses all over!-