*blank stare*
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2001-12-18 13:40:55 (UTC)

My Sickness- Induced Mad Chaotic Ramblings

ok i am home from work sick and i am extremely disoriented,
so let's see if this will make sense later on... doubt it,
but at least you'll all get a good laugh at my expense...

You're ever so determined
To suffer for my sins
I'm alone in my dark place
And you're fighting to get in
With all my strength, I push the door
I don't want you to see me like this
But somehow you slipped in,
Unlocking my emotions with a single kiss
A single blade with a crimson tint
Representing everything I lost that night
Through it all, you wouldn't go
And leave me all alone in spite
Pain, emotional made physical-
I thought no one would ever understand
But you let yourself take my misery,
My blood staining your hands
My back breaking from the crosses I carry
As I rightly am self-crucified
But you take unto you my burden's weight
With selfless love to not be denied
My tears are falling freely
Like a cold winter's rain
But still you kiss them away
And take away my much-deserved pain
I'd always felt so all alone
As everyone would leave me and run away
But there at my side you were,
And from my side you didn't stray
Despite everything I had done,
You refused to leave me alone to cry
Giving me reason to continue
When my poison heart wanted to die
I never wanted to make you hurt
I cry for what I make you feel,
But while my caged world collapses inward,
Your love's the only thing still real
So I'll let you take my hand
And hold me to you tight
Loving and protecting me
With you beside me, I'll still fight
I was so lost in the maze of my emotions
But you found me there, left for dead
Together we will make our way out
And maybe again I can hold high my head
I've been going in circles forever, it seems,
But this dark place isn't so dark anymore
In your light I can find a way out,
All because you broke through the door.

Music: Puddle of Mud- Blurry
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