The Nine Faces of Dave
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2001-12-18 13:32:10 (UTC)

in restless dreams I see that the road leads back to you

I had a dream last night that I really didn't care for. It
wasn't a nightmare per se, just really depressing. I
think it made me realize how weak I really am. It was
strangely reassuring, however. My subconcious
seems to be at least as focused as the rest of me.

What does it all mean? Here's the dream, sort of: the
opportunity arises to do something I really want to do,
yet I can't bring myself to do it. Details aren't necessary,
you can probably gather enough from previous posts to
figure out what I'm talking about. All I can figure is that
subconciously, I know one of two things:
1) I'm emotionally weak, or
2) I've had opportunities and failed to act.

In other news, I'll be interviewing the owner of the health
food store over the phone this afternoon. That will
hopefully go well; this paper needs to be good.

I'm sitting here at school. I don't know what's going to
happen today, but I'm tired as hell, so I hope it goes
well. I really need a break from my daily annoyances.
Still, who knows what I'd do without school. It's pretty
sad having a better social life in school than out.