The madness that makes Gavin
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2001-12-18 13:13:10 (UTC)

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Courtneys in town and Im just chillin and trying to see her
and get all this music done. We got Matt Coats comin in
tomorrow and his three songs we wrote for him are recorded
and DONE! hes singin at our house tomorrow and Kevin will
be working hard mixing it down to get on CD.
I put two basslines on his stuff today to finish his songs
up, tomorrow I've gotta put skratches on the bridge of "his
eyes" and trick out the reverb on steves vocals to get some
crazy dynamic UGH in it. Y'lknow the intro to linkin parks
first song? yea, that kinda effect.
Well, Im Out.....more heard it here DUH DUH

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