My Life & My Memories
2001-12-18 07:50:30 (UTC)

Chahta to hai...

Chahta to hai yeh dil unko apnana
Par darr hai, kahin toot na jaaye;
Yeh armaan, Yeh sapne phirse saare.

Chahta to hai yeh dil aasmaan chuna
Par darr hai, kahin choot na jaaye;
Yeh chaand, yeh sitare phirse saare.

Chahta to hai yeh dil tumhe bhi
Par darr hai, kahin bhool na jaaye;
Yeh lavz, yeh alphaaz phirse saare.

I have no clue what I wrote but well, this was on my mind.
For some reason half of it doesnt make any sense to me!!But
then on second thoughts, I guess it does..There I go
again..I guess I need to take a break for a while..!!

Will get back to work now. Can afford to take a break at
present even if I wish to. Can I scream?? I wish I could do
that too? Just close the room and scream aloud..!! At times
you just feel like it..!! Dont you?? Ugghhh..!!!

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