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2001-12-18 04:06:49 (UTC)

Do not lose your friend - Xmas is not be alone with your fears

Life of humans in society sometimes doesn't mean to be right.
Worst if some partner thinks you have not ways to carry
a relationship just because have not a job for that time.
Love is something off all things we could touch in a life.
Way you wrote you are a truly people. Usually in my country
some immature people does things they would regret or be
in shame. Just because they think at Xmas their lives may
be without worries. So they part hearts to be alone with
their fears.
No worry. You have friends. You usually hang out with them.
A job went a new better one will come soon. Friends are best
way to get new jobs. Be strong to mantain your friends in
your appointments.
You are not in dead end. I am older than you and have much
to learn yet. But he couldn't left you as friend. Usually
datings deserve to be something near from Eden than material
I wish you be Happy and have a nice Xmas. I really like simple
and truly people. It is so common in my country.
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