this is me
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2001-12-18 06:55:11 (UTC)

nice day

today was a pretty nice day. i woke up at 11 which amazed
me since i hadent gone to bed until 5am, but whatever. i
woke up and played some videogames then i finished baking
my s gingerbread. baking is fun. after that i just kinda
hung around until my mom came home. we ended up goin out in
a xmas shopping attempt which failed. oh well, ill just do
it some other time. i think i got sumthing for kz. its this
really nice bracelet. im also gonna get her the staind cd,
since she wont give mine back, and i have a letter she sent
me a long long time ago, im gonna show her, it should be
sweet, maybe ill get a kiss out of it. well speaking of kz,
i had an interesting talk with her today. we talked about
why i was in love with her, which honestly i cant explain
so i gave her a few simpler reasons. she said she was glad
that she was havin a positive affect on somebody. i was
happy. ive been reading a bit again, sumthin i used to do
all the time but it kinda faded out of what i was doing. i
want to finish "the fellowship of the ring" before the
movie comes out. i got a sweet poster, it shows all the
guitar chords. ive been workin really hard on my writing as
well. mostly songs. i think im gonna write a screen play
down sometime soon, i know i could, i have sooo many ideas.
well anyway, i have a really good base for a song, its this
damn rubix cube ive been doin. i really like i, and i even
have alot of rhytmic stuff for it guitar parts, drums, if
only i knew anything about bass. the intro is my favorite
part, its soft mellow, but it has a sort of hurry up feel
to it. well i think im gonna head of to bed. i love you kz,