random mumblings
2001-12-18 06:43:19 (UTC)

my evening and "vanilla sky" spoiler :)

so it started snowing the other day which makes me
*extremely* happy :( i got all my christmas shopping and
christmas cards, etc. done so i'm ahead of the game which
is a good thing. work has been pretty good lately. so i
was talking to vicki today and invited myself over to burn
some cds and she was like sure no problem, but her sister
and their friend laura were going to the movies, so she
wanted to know if i wanted to go instead. (her sister
thought today was tuesday instead of monday or something)
the movie, vanilla sky, was pretty good. it had penelope
cruz, tom cruise and cameron diaz in it. basically what
happened is that cruise and diaz were fuck buddies but diaz
thought it was more and diaz killed herself and tried to
take cruise with him. there was more, but the story was
based on love at first sight and a bunch of stuff and it
was good, up until the end. now i swear to god cameron
crowe (director) said "jeezus, this movie has been 2 hours
long, people don't like waiting more than 2.5 hours for a
movie, gotta end it" so it turns out that the whole
fucking thing was a lucid dream, done by technology and
really cruise's body was frozen 150 years in the future or
something like that. it kinda made sense, because the
point where the "lucid dream" started was after a night of
cruise doing shots of tequila and passing out drunk in the
street, and he awakens to find penelope cruz helping him up
and they end up falling in love that day. i remember
thinking sarcastically "yeah that *always* happens to me
whenever i get so drunk that i pass out in the street" :)
anyways, things get worse and worse and they snowball and
he ends up freaking out and killing diaz/cruz (they switch
back and forth in his mind or something) and then for some
random reason they go to this lucid dream place and cruise
pieces it together and starts yelling "tech support! tech
support!" funniest part of the movie, i almost wet
myself. that's an avi forward waiting to happen...trust
me :) i guess you've gotta be a phone monkey to appreciate
it :) and then at the end he either has a chance to go
back to dreaming or to metaphorically jump off the edge and
go back to real life. he's supposed to be afraid of
heights. so he takes a run for the edge to jump off and
then he steps on the edge of the building and stops. now
if he was really afraid of heights after stopping and
looking down there's no way he'd jump off. but he did.
the other thing was that he had these weird dreams where
weird stuff was happening and then he'd wake up. and then
do the "exact same thing" that happened in the dream except
it would be normal. yeah, if i had a psycho dream the last
thing i'd do is wake up and do things exactly the same.
for example, he'd turn the water on, pluck a hair from his
head, pick his nose and then turn around in both the fucked
up dream and real life. no fucking way...if i had a fucked
up dream, in real life i'd pluck a hair, pick my nose, then
turn the water on and turn around :) i like the idea of
love at first sight though...i might fall in love
tomorrow :) goodnight

and for the song of the night, nothing romantic or sappy or
anything even though i kinda saw a sappy movie (but not
really there was action too good date movie). i hate the
tragically hip, but they do have one real rock song "little
bones" and it's been stuck in my head for a while so here
she blows :) two fifty for an eyeball, and a buck and a
half for an ear...classic

LITTLE BONES by the tragically hip
it gets so sticky down here
better butter your cue-finger up
it's the start of another new year
better call the newspaper up
$2.50 for a hi-ball
and a buck and a half for a beer
happy hour, happy hour
happy hour is here

the long days of Shockley are gone
so is football Kennedy style
famous last words all taken wrong
wind up on the very same pile
$2.50 for a decade
and a buck and a half for a year
happy hour, happy hour
happy hour is here

i can cry, beg and whine
t'every rebel i find
just to give me a line
i could use to describe

they'd say, "baby eat this chicken slow
it's full of all them little bones"

so regal and decadent here
coffin cheaters dance on their graves
music, it's all delicate fear
is the only thing that don't change
$2.50 for an eyeball
and a buck and a half for an ear
happy hour, happy hour
happy hour is here

nothing's dead down here, just a little tired
they'd say, "baby eat this chicken slow
it's full of all them little bones"