Feck what did life do to me today?
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2001-12-18 06:08:28 (UTC)

1st entry and the effect it had on the country

6.05 am

Went to paul's work xmas party and apparantly didn't make a
fool out myself. I did manage to mention how paul and i met
to helena and show my tattoos and talk about piercings and
max humping us. I don't think i got drunk but i always feel
like i made a fool out of myself. I don't know why it is
but any time i but on "going out" gear i feel like i'm
setting myself up to be a fool. I wonder how many times i
can type fool in this entry. I couldn't sleep so i've
decided to stay up all night since i haven't done that in
ages. I'm sure by the end of the day i'll feel like shit
but i better damn well sleep good.

Listening to The merge 93.3 on the internet and it doesn't
make me feel like i'm back in dallas like i thought it
would. I've been gone too long to feel like i even belong
there. Moved on from friends and hardly keep contact with
them at all and it doesn't bother me all that much. I never
thought i'd feel that way but there it is. I think i'll
write more later and look and see if there are any other
better livejournal sites that aren't asking me to pay.

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