I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-12-18 05:58:20 (UTC)


I'm in a wonderful mood! Things are finally going well in
my life! And it's about time! School is sucessfully
registered for and that's a huge weight off my shoulders.
My friends are home and so I'm getting out of the house and
having a good time, and the darkness is fading. I'm
thrilled! Of course there are still the money problems, but
there's not much I can do about that now. I saw Amelie
again this evening. Because I was the one who had seen it
before I got the crappy seat behind some guys head so I
couldn't see all the subtitles, so I just watched it in
French. I can't reiterate it enough, it's a movie full of
hope. And hope is a wonderful thing. Because no matter
what, there is always hope. It can never be gotten rid of.
And dreams are there always, you just have to be creative
and loving to find them. Please, please, PLEASE go see this
movie. I promise you that you'll like it. It's funny and
sexy and honest and fulfilling. Then you'll know what I'm
talking about. I am tired of being bored and sad, and I
won't let my good mood and karma fade, to this I promise.