I Debbie...
2001-12-18 05:53:47 (UTC)

I Got Over It Quickly

It wasn't so bad. We opened up close to on time. It was
harder when Joy and I opened up together. We got there 30
mins early and bless her heart,she split her skirt in to.
She has a tendancy to wear her clothees alittle tight and
this caused the split. Yikes. And double Yikes. She kind of
reminds me of Tracy Gold. But anyway, work is getting busy.
Oh get a load of this one. Jo called me at work on Friday in
the middle of a rush and was asking me about prices. Like
she can afford to buy anything from me anyway. But she calls
me in the most inopportune times and expects me to drop
everything to wair on her on the phone. Then she was bitchy
to boot. Donna knows not to call me at work and if I nned to
get off I can tell her and she realizes there is a reason
that I need to get off and quickly. But tyhn again she is my
best friend and she knows me all too well. I called her
later on that night to bitch about Jo and so we could chat.
Mandy and I are getting to be really good friends. We have
been doing stuff on the weekends. This past weekend we did
chilli and next weekend we are doing movie night. The
weekend before last we did shopping and the wweekend befre
we met up at Blue City to have some brews.We are doing a
trip to Cozumel in the Spring. That should be fun. I laugh
allot when I am with her. Brian and Jeremy get along really
well which is great. They are both quiet and reserved. Both
aren't ones with heavy conversation. Mandy and I are the
more social aof the two.
Anyway, I had better go for now....I Debbie