It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-18 05:12:19 (UTC)

rollin', in my 5.0 with the rag top down so my hair can blow...

pscht, i got an email from andrea, bitchin about how
im "not keeping up my end of the deal". she is so fulla
shit. and really pathetic, read this from her profile: Andy
ADORABLE.. I hope we get to meet soon:-* (that was
the "kissy" face)
this was her away msg: Love ya much Andy:-D I'll be thinkin
about you all day.

god, that girl is needy and pathetic. she "loves" this
faggot and hasn't even met him, i know he fucks her six
ways from sunday and leaves her on her ass. what's even
weirder, im not even that mad right now. sure, im a little
peeved, but i think it's more funny than anything. "time
keeps on pushing, i may not be forgiven, but even so...ill
keep on livin." i wrote that in a poem a long ways
back...actually, it was prolly like 6 months ago, so not
that long ago. i think i've moved on, but more-so, i don't
think i ever got started. she was just like a starting
block that i fell off, but the race didn't start yet...if
that makes sense. what a metaphor ehh? that's just what im
thinking in my head. and my god do i miss the touch of a
woman, not that i know what that's like, but you get my
point. lates.