Joshin Jane

2001-12-18 05:06:33 (UTC)

thoughts like ground beef....

before i continue....why does joni mitchell incessantly
talk about frenchspeaking countries like canada and france?
she even brings up paris repeatedly in a song entitled

i know this summer job is a good opportunity, but pre-
college is a good experience.
which one is more important?
how do you guage importance - by what it'll do for me later
in life?
maybe this job will get me into college....but maybe so
would the harvard program....maybe harvard would give me
back a little bit of what i've lost post-CTY.
i can't make decisions this hard.
i mean making some money would also be nice, but this is my
last real summer...
i'll never have an opportunity like this bioethics job
again for the specific purpose i need it for, but i will
never have the pre-college experience either....

one random observation - OLP's one man army sounds very
much like a few songs on verve pipe's villain's